Cat Mother's Day 2015!

Last year's Cat Mother's Day was a powerful experience. 

Last year was the first time we declared the day after Mother's Day as Cat Mother's Day. And the tradition LIVES ON!

 First, the stats: (since my blog usually has no occasion to deal in percentages and stats, let's do it! )

This year we saw a 200% increase in participation from last year -- a 175% increase in states represented.

Here's a look at the 2015 participation VISUALIZED


Representing 7 states, this group of dedicated Cat Moms went the distance, submitting photos despite the fact that cats can be so ungrateful when it comes to recording history. We even had a cat mom who went the ultimate distance, making her dog into a cat for a day. Love knows no boundaries, no species limits.

Love is good and true and today we celebrate LOVE. 

On a personal note, this year I had a chance to realize something very important:

There's nothing quite as "feel-good" as collecting photos of your pals with their cats. Really - you should try it sometime.

Because celebrating cat moms shouldn't be a once-a-year occasion. Scooping litter boxes, tolerating intolerance, cuddling on a very conditional basis....these are things to be celebrated every day. HAPPY CAT MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL CAT MOMS EVERYWHERE. LET US REJOICE AND BE GLAD.




Share this post with your friends, your cats, your dogs and anyone anywhere so we can recognize these cat moms . Let's also pave the way for next year when we strive for 100% state representation, maximum cat mom representation and even more snapshots of this motherly dedication. (AND THE UNIVERSAL STRUGGLE THAT IS THE EFFORT OF TAKING A SELFIE WITH A CAT)

Winter: a love story 32 years in the making.

We deal with the seasons. We not only "deal," but we thrive where we can. We watch the snow swirl and move outside. We make hot toddies and curate our Netflix lists. We collect recipes for soup and listen to records. We drop-kick vanity to favor practicality in the form of sturdy boots, knit hats, puffy coats.

We're all in it together.

The snow swirls and blows as it falls but eventually it stops.

When the swirling stops we put on our layers of practicality and venture out. We soak up the sun (our faces are the only skin exposed to drink it in) and stomp around in the snow. Pure snow leads to pure sand as we go to the same place where only months before we ran around with exposed knees and shoulders, cursing the humidity. 

So much changes in winter. It's a time to restore. It's a time for quiet. It's a time to watch and listen. 

What good is the warmth of summer,
without the cold of winter to give it sweetness.
— John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley: In Search of America

Like lots of Midwesterners I wonder "am I supposed to leave this cruel climate in favor of a place where the seasons aren't so severe and different?"

There are, after all, places where the seasons aren't so different from one another. Each season is a variation on some kind of assortment of sun-soaked days.

But winter comes for us. I'm glad it does. There's nothing quite like the crunch of fresh fallen snow and the crash of frigid freshwater. And when winter comes I will put on my practicalities and feel the sun on my face and fresh air in my lungs. 

And I'll be happy, happy, happy.

Holidaze meets Birthdaze: Sofia!

It's been almost a year since Sofia first came into the world. We got together to snap some pics of her in two modes: HOLIDAY MODE + BIRTHDAY MODE. Holiday mode meant a tiny santa hat and birthday mode meant a tiny tiara. All was right in the world. 

There was also a snowman cupcake that was DE.MOL.ISHED. by the time Sofia was through. 

Her cheeks are squeeze-worthy. It took everything in me to stay behind the camera and not just turn into that annoying adult who just squeezes and squeezes those beautiful cheeks. 

Tiny hats and cake! Don't you just want to squeeze her?

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(that's how much I wanted to stop taking photos and just squeeze her)