Yo! If you're going to India...

A few pro tips for your next trip to India.

Start your trip by relaxing at the airport with friends. Have a beer. 
You have to have a beer. 
Why have a beer? Because your next 24+ hours will be spent on a plane. 

That is a lot of time.  On a plane. So get a beer. 

(photo by Kelli Johnson, my travel partner. Here I am with Kari and Brian who also have to be on a plane for a day!)

Also, if you're going to India, get your hands on a dosa or, better yet, dosaS (plural). It is delicious fermented lentils that result in a crepe-ish looking delight. It comes with sauces that are delicious. Embrace the dosas. 
Eat the dosas. 

(I took this photo, before I ate the heck out of it.)

Lastly, try to get access or, better yet, be a part of good auto rickhsaw accident while you're there. A good auto rickshaw accident would be one where no one is hurt, but does result in a lot of screaming.  I'm serious. It's a delight.
No one was injured in this particular accident. 
I was riding in the middle of the yellow rickhsaw pictured:

(photo taken by Brian Henning, my other travel buddy)

Other pro tips can be found in traditional travel guide books, so I'll leave you to those devices. 

Enjoy your trip! And take photos!