A Family and a baseball field: My cousin Laura and a family made of love.

A note: I grew up in a big extended family. Among the literally over 100 cousins, there was one cousin who was my ally at family functions, who could be goofy with me like no other and who was my friend through the years. That cousin was Laura, just one year my senior through life.
Laura now has a family of her own and little men to take care of, Emmitt and Myles. She and her husband Ryan live in southern Wisconsin where the parks are many and the main street is quaint and cozy.

We each live in separate places and have separate lives, but we make it a priority to get together and love each other.
On my way out of town, I took photos of Laura's family. I couldn't help but notice that the photos that adorned the walls of their home were studio shots and only included Emmitt, the oldest, but not Myles who had been born within the last year. 
I took them out to the local park to play around and take some shots. I think what resulted is photographic evidence of the love between them, and also some darn tootin' cute shots of a family in a small park, with a big baseball field and an ambitious 2 year old and company.