A Wedding: with a camera (or adventures in shooting my first wedding)

I went back to my hometown to shoot the wedding of a dear friend Amy. In high school days, Amy and I cruised around in her Monte Carlo (purple, duh) and were on the tennis team together. Over a summer we taught kids how to play tennis and often urged "Hug your rackets!" when they wanted to just start swinging at things off the court.

I treasure her friendship despite the fact that our lives are now lived miles apart.
When Amy asked me if I would ever consider shooting a wedding, I kind of felt a pit in my stomach.
I typically shoot photos of families and events but... a wedding? Whoa. And a friend's wedding? Whoa. 
So, I did it. 
I did it because it was new and for a friend and an experience. I found myself getting choked up behind the lens at some points in the ceremony. 
 I love that Mike brought back his cowboy hat for the reception, despite being hatless through the ceremony.  
Just love it.

The getting ready. The adventure to high cliff. The moments between posed photos that weren't posed. The dancing. The laughing. The lil' students that Amy teaches who showed up and were beyond excited to see Ms. Menting in hear beautiful wedding dress. It was all beautiful. And I feel so lucky to have been able to document it.