Green Mill, Paper Machete

I'll tell you one thing, nothing beats radio. 
Yeah, I get it. This blog is mostly about the opposite of that--photos. Let's move beyond that tiny little detail a moment.
There's nothing like being captivated by a good old fashioned story or the spoken word on the air or in person. In a day and age where the world goes at a manic pace, there is something incredibly soothing about good old fashioned audio engagement. 
I suppose it's the same sort of soothing way a series of photographs allows one to still exercise some imagination while interpreting a story.
Sure, we have high definition EVERYTHING, but who needs it when the most simple storytelling still does the best job?

The only thing that may kick the simple storytelling experience up a hypothetical notch would be if that storytelling happened in a venue that had similar old-time spellbinding powers. 
The Paper Machete decided to leave it's usual venue (Horseshoe Tavern) for some historical digs, The Green Mill. Featured in a podcast on beloved radio station WBEZ, the machete is a gem offering music, stories, essays and puppets.
Yes, puppets. Or, in this case, a single puppet. With an opinion.

My pal, Christopher (the emcee and host), asked if I would come by and snap some photos of the event which featured the usual hip features of the jazz joint, but which also featured the talents of a band (The Empty Pockets), an essay by Lisa Buscani which literally made tears roll down my face, comedy by Katie Rich and Steve Waltien that made me go GAH! with laughter, and much much more. 

The Machete runs every Saturday at 3pm at its usual venue, The Horseshoe Tavern.
Do yourself a favor.
You can have an excuse to day drink.
I promise, you'll like it.