Sunday with Sophie

Sophie and I decided we would take ourselves on some photography adventures to play with lights, colors and environments. The idea is that these adventures would afford us some chances to shoot things we wouldn't usually shoot, think about what we like to shoot and how to make that happen. We also got to  spend some time together. Much of this time was spent chatting, people watching, and also, incidentally, freaking out over the appearance of chipmunks (with Sophie thought was DEFINITELY a rat at the time).  
As a side note, that Sunday with Sophie I not only learned a thing or two about my camera and how I like to use it, I also learned that Sophie's "I saw a rat" scream is pretty cartoonish and amazing. 
I envy her really.

Sophie and me.
The great outdoors.
 Caldwell Woods. 
Green grass.
Blue sky.
(that actually are chipmunks)