An excuse to drink champagne

These are my best pals. 
They are married. 
To each other. 
And celebrated an anniversary a couple months back. 

As a token of my friendship, I wanted to take some photos of them. 
The idea? Drink champagne and eat pastries on the beach, the beach where we have so many good times together. 
The picnic was perfect.
I'll drink champagne before 9am ANY DAY.
Come to think of it, I'll drink champagne just about any time of day. 

I especially liked a few photos that were accidentally shot on a wrong setting (my finger moved it and I didn't realize!)...leaving them underexposed.
Delightfully enough, I found a way to resurrect the photos and they turned out looking great!

These shots were just a friendly reminder from the universe that sometimes mistakes are the best. 
Never forget it.