Uptown: the final week

It's a strange thing to move out of your neighborhood. 

I don't know how people move cross state and barely remember how I moved out of state nearly 9 years ago.  This week will be my last week in 6+ years as a citizen of the Uptown neighborhood of Chicago.  I always appreciated Uptown for its diversity, array of goods and services (some wanted, some unwanted) and proximity to my pal, Lake Michigan.  

I am really excited to move a bit farther north to a larger space where I can embrace counter space, a quieter, more tree-lined street and a home where peace and calm do not get so easily disturbed by garbage trucks going in reverse or the incessant thump of my downstairs neighbor's sub woofers.  I sure hope my new neighbors don't have larger, more robust "woofers." That would just be a drag. 

Some images from my last year in this neighborhood and apartment, as a time capsule to Uptown citizenship.

Uptown: Home of Foremost Liquors, an apartment where Tony and I created our first home space together, a place with room enough for out-of-town visitors/sleepers, a place just minutes from the Lake, a place where flowers bloom not too far away and a place not to far from La Patisserie, where the eclairs just make you want to run straight into the Lake out of sheer bliss and delight.