Grace: 2 weeks.

This is Grace.
Grace is 2 weeks old.

Can you imagine being just two weeks old? It must be just the craziest thing.
Grace came into the world and into the arms of her parents, Phyllis and Jason, just two weeks ago.  We shot photos in and around their home on the Northside of Chicago. 
Springtime makes for such lovely greens and lights. Though Grace slept through the first half, it made the second half even lovelier when she (at last!) opened those baby blues and showed some of those facial expressions that make her just the best.  Lots of "ohs" and "ahs" only babies can execute with such little bigness.

I believe in shooting in natural environments where its all about the love between people and less about the cheesy backgrounds that manipulate a feeling of perfection that isn't love, but is just...well, strange.  

This was all about the love. Love in Roscoe Village.