Have you ever read this article in the New York Times called "The Joy of Quiet?" 
I'd like to take this opportunity to highly recommend it. 

I'd like to then take this other opportunity to tell you to try it. 
Try quiet.
Unplug. I took a day to just unplug, totally.
It sounds so silly and so simple but it really isn't.

Go back to cookbooks and radios.
Embrace the simplicity of getting yourself some fresh flowers.
Go back to that hilarious idea that someday you will master the art of bread making. 
Then realize, thereafter, that although your bread making skills are showing significant improvement, that bread is still a little too dense. Dense = delicious anyway.
Write letters for no reason.
Make yourself some cookies for the sheer joy of having cookies around.
Listen to those records you've been collecting but can't seem to find time to take in all that often.

I am going to go unplug again now. I just wanted to take the time to share with you the images of sweet, sweet simplicity.
Okay, bye.