Brother times: on finding peace and finding good light.

 This is Bryan
Bryan is my brother.

This past weekend I had the joy of hanging out with my brother who flew in from Washington DC (where he is doing really amazing work at a place called Academy of Hope) and his girlfriend Allison who works in Madison (where they met).  
We. had. loads. of. fun. 

I had forgotten what it was to wake up without a to-do list. 
I had forgotten what it was to happen on upon good light and capitalize on it for no particular reason.
We took in some good food, some good wine and great times.  We saw The Plagiarists' most recent production, took in that week's Paper Machete episode, and enjoyed each other's company.
I remembered what feeling good feels like and it was great.

I also happened to take photos of The Paper Machete, but those images are for another post. This post is about feeling great and enjoying company and the simplicity of that particular bliss. 
A brick wall bathing in golden light. 
Two people freezing but so kind to oblige my wish to take their photo. 
Enjoying the brisk winter air and the warmth of love.