2011, it's been real.

 2011 was quite a year. 
I'm not a giant fan of retrospectives, but this year's end has brought me to a nostalgic place after a year with immense highs and serious lows.  I decided to randomly pick some of my favorite photos of the year and smash 'em up and take the time to just look. 
Look and be glad. 
Though I was no eager rider for several parts of the ride,  I was present just the same.
Engagement photos. Headshots. Kids. Weddings. 
Life. Death. Hope. Despair. Laughter. Tears. In betweens.
I'm anxiously awaiting a fresh start and whatever collection of images comes from the ride up ahead.
2012, please be nice. 
Up ahead there will be more babies, more laughter, more weddings, and surely more unknowns. I will be glad to have my camera to be trusty pal and powerful tool all the same.
Happy New Year!