A Sunday: Three Kids, Sunshine and Lake Michigan.

Joy. Sheer Joy.
Ellie. Connor. Delaney.
I had only ever heard these names in conversation before, never having the opportunity to meet these kiddos face-to-face.
I couldn't have asked for a better way to spend a Sunday. 
Sun shining.
Waves coming into shore.
Armed with a camera and accompanied by these three who have a bond that is real (and, conveniently, downright adorable). 
We started our adventure running along the sidewalks near the Lake and the water was temping, but I delayed that adventure-I knew we'd get dirty.  
Onto the next spot. The playground.  
Running, Hanging, Giggling--and too many joy-saturated shots to post here. 
Eventually the time came for the payoff from our previous play. 
We found ourselves back at the Lake, took our shoes off and headed in.
We got sand in toes and fingers. We ran around a barren beach. 
We had ourselves a Sunday.

Joy. Sheer Joy.