Nine Frames: The Mundanes

First off, a thought: I believe gratitude is best served all year round, and should help inform every decision about everything and just about ever.  
These nine shots are an admittedly futile attempt at representing all I am grateful for this week: the bartender at the Legion Club whom I regard as family (I find his presence oddly comforting every year), a lil' Joe baby that I haven't seen much since this shoot that happened back in the day when I first got my camera, the act of taking an awkward moment in a Home Depot to snap a buddy shot with my sister and best pal, the sweet nectar that is Wisconsin brewed beer, seeing old friends (who happen to be dogs), feeling the comfort of a cat who doesn't like to leave my side, feeling neighborhood comfort of my favorite bar in Chicago, being present among the warmth of a table of good food served with good drink and good family and even a singalong that was perhaps one of the most soul-warming, feel-good activities of 2011...

I have a lot to be grateful for.

I think the thing I'm most grateful for is this:  I've attempted to live in a way that gratitude laces just about everything I do, and I feel pretty darn lucky most of the time as a result.