Five Frames: Promo Shots

A blustery fall day. A day at Berger Park. Old photos, old slides, old audio equipment. I feel so luck that the Plagiarists asked me to shoot some promo shots for an upcoming play. I actually contributed material to this play, I am Saying This Right Now, and to take photos for it was a delightful exercise in aesthetics. The play is a sort of love song to the art of audio recording, influenced by the work of Tony Schwartz. In the same way Mr. Schwartz felt compelled to record, record, record, I often find myself compelled to shoot, shoot, shoot. On this particular day, we took shots inside the historic Chicago park district building and even ended out by Lake Michigan where we used the vastness of the Lake to juxtapose the futile attempt of one man to capture it all.


When one is struck with a deep-seeded desire to capture the human experience, by whatever tool or instrument (be it audio recorder or camera), there seem to be too few hours in a day and not enough hours in a lifetime.