The Mundanes: a new series.

A question:  If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?
Another question: If a photo is taken and goes unshared, does it even exist?

First, a thought: I believe that photos should be taken with purpose. I fight, constantly, the urge to document, document, document just about everything, everything, everything.  I believe that one should take a photo with a vague idea of how it will live on forever and ever. Will it become a 4x6 or 10X12?  Will it become your mom's new desktop? Will it be used to document a special event or holiday or even perhaps be used to make a guest book for an upcoming special event or holiday?

I believe, deeply, all photos should be taken with sensitivity to what they will become...I suppose this feeling may come from a general feeling that we must be sensitive to what sort of footprint we leave behind in terms of material goods and evidence. I think this notion extends into the digital space, into the photographic space.

Despite my sensitivity, I still have some photos that I take just to take. These photos have, up until now, served as good "passing the time" fodder for the commute home from work. I flip through the photos and remember a specific time or place.  I take these photos because I can. Nothing more complicated than that, I suppose.

I think, however, there is beauty in these off-the-cuff photos.  The fact is that I can't always lug around my fancy camera. I would be such a drag.  I can't always take the time to set the shot up just right. Sometimes I just have to shoot, shoot, shoot before the moment goes, goes, goes.

I present the first of a new series to the blog called "The Mundanes."  A series of photos from my phone camera. A series of unrelated moments that I dig for various reasons including their sheer simplicity and randomness.  I may eventually try to explore a specific theme or place, but for now it is what it is: a collection of random photos from a device of the everyday variety.

 These photos were taken with a popular iphone app, Hipstamatic. After using the app for a couple of months, I actually realized a good pal of mine from college works for Synthetic Corp, the maker of this handy app.  What luck! I was supportive all the while without even knowing.  

Not so mundane after all.