Fourteen Frames: Andrea and Brian get Married

 The Hideout is a neat place as it is.  
This sweet little music venue is where folks like Andrew Bird and Neko Case got their starts. 
This venue is where the tap beer selection is special, hand-picked. 
It's where coziness is all around.
So when Andrea and Brian decided to have their wedding reception there, the world's most special venue got a lot more special.  There were friends abounds, fun-sized chips, cupcakes galore and the a rad record selection creating a dance soundtrack for the centuries.
Andrea looked stunning in a purple party dress and Brian was so gracious and adorable and both were so very, very happy...

I snapped some photos for these two long-lasted lovebirds. 
Here are 14 of the bunches of photos that I took.

Fun-sized chips! Cupcakes! Music! Love!