Italy: a love story

Italy. Well now you've gone and done it. You've made me love you and then you made me leave. You taught me that drinking wine at lunch is perfectly permissible. Your corridors were beautiful.  Your public displays of affection, many. 

I took a trip to Italy and was the officiant at the wedding of my dear friends Ryan and Jay.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the adventure. 

And in the same way I declared my best wishes for the wedding couple on their special day, I offer a declaration of my wish to the country of Italy.

Oh Italy. 
May you never stop serving wine at all hours of the day. May the grandmas never stop hanging out on balconies in their housecoats.  May you always serve bread with everything. May you always allow me to get coffee and a beer in the same place and hang out for HOURS.  May you always be true. May you always seem too picturesque to be true.  And and may you remain just as magical until forever.