Mary Rose. And a Clarinet.

Mary Rose. The lovely Mary Rose. 
I took some photos for Miss Mary the other day.  She needed some shots to use for acting, directing and all things artistic that may or may not require a photo.  We used the magical time before the sun goes down to capture some gorgeous light, and had a blast while doing it.  Mary had mentioned to me that she played the clarinet and played it well at one point in her earlier life.  Knowing that I had a clarinet (and some mad skills at one point in MY earlier life too), I asked if she might indulge me in some clarinet photos. 
The initial shots took place mostly in an alley in Uptown where we were able to use the texture of the city as our backdrop.  Then, I assembled the clarinet and we took to the streets. Under Lakeshore Drive, I asked Mary to rock out with the clarinet and the photos are evidence of our whimsical ridiculousness. 
This whole shoot has made me realize that I believe every woman should have a chance to pose with a clarinet (or instrument of her choice) as various city dwellers walk by
 and wonder just what might be going on...