Homemade Birthdays are the best kind of Birthdays. . .

Some choose to spend a birthday getting together over drinks and dinner at someplace kind of fancy.
Some choose to have entire night of drinking and dancing and complete birthday chaos.
Some choose to get food catered so as to really kick things up a notch on a special day.

For my money, the best sort of birthdays are homemade and quieter, a chance to get together with the people closest to you, over food that is made with love.  Happy Birthday to Tony. I think this homemade food and All-Star Game viewing birthday celebration was quite possibly one of the best sorts of birthday celebrations yet. 

 Additionally, I think any party really gets kicked up a notch if there are kielbasa puffs involved.  I mean, let's get serious. I had never made them or eaten them before but I would consider them party food staples from here on out. 
And if you're lucky you might even be able to love on some kittens amid birthday celebrations. An added touch of cute to go with your snacks and your drinks.