So I recently undertook a very pretentious chocolate chip cookie recipe. I was perusing one of my favorite sites, Tastespotting, and came across a chocolate chip cookie recipe.  The recipe was intriguing as it was quite different from the general Tollhouse recipe, but also gave me occasion to use my sifter!
I know what you're saying...THAT SOUNDS AWESOME. A SIFTER?! AWESOME.

Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! The sifter was a gift from my brother a few Christmases ago and I have had very few occasions to use it--maybe because I don't usually get my recipes from pretentious sources like the New York Times. 
I'm sifting. I'm feeling good.
I'm thinking this was once an intimidating prospect and look how far I've come. 
I bought chocolate chips that cost 5 dollars per bag! I bought two kinds of flour!
I want you to appreciate this recipe, the style of this recipe from the New York Times. 
This is the sort of recipe that called for sprinkling sea salt on the dough before baking. 

And they turned out great. Delicious and terribly fancy. I felt proud. I had used my sifter and made some New York Times cookies.  

There was just one problem:

I still have no idea how to CLEAN a sifter. 
Maybe it's a one-time-use thing? 
It might just have to be.