Photos of happier times.

April is National Volunteer Month and my pals and I went to Chicago Canine Rescue to volunteer for some dog walking!  
Enter Mopsy and Benjamin...two siblings who love each other so much that they often walk into each other and will often start barking if they are separated, even a few feet. That's true family love. 

Here are some shots of the doggie siblings at their finest (accompanied by Carrie and Lindsey):

After meeting up with "Mops" and "Ben," the gals and I headed over to Wing Stop (naturally), to get some grub.  I snapped a beautiful photo of Lindsey while we waited. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that Lindsey ("The Crow") is at her prettiest when wings are on the way.  I don't know if it's anticipation for blue cheese dressing, or an adrenaline rush that accompanies any wings trip, but no matter the cause, this photo sure is nice:
Heading back home, as a trio, we watched some Unsolved Mysteries (Aliens!), ate wings and reveled in the joy good food, lots of laughs and the scary genius of Robert Stack. Carrie brought cupcakes from Phoebe's which, by the way, are the best cupcakes in Chicago.  
 Joy. Sheer joy. 
Spring is on the way. I hope it will bring desperately needed renewal along with more occasions to have days of laughter, good food, and good friends.

I also hope to incorporate Robert Stack into more of my free time.