A Hootenanny!

It's not every Monday, one can say that they had themselves a hootenanny, but last night we all did. 

The Plagiarists' monthly salon series took a folksy turn last night with a hootenanny, curated by Anthony Rossetti. The evening featured original music from Mike Semrad, James Dunn, Josh Dumas and Tony himself. Justine Turner and I paid tribute to Dolly Parton with an acoustic cover of one of her classic songs. There was music, there was merriment. 

To be honest, I was having such a great time at the event, I didn't snap many photos and even when I did I rushed to take them so that I could get back to friends and good times with music. Here are some of the few shots I snapped. Lucky for me, there was another photographer, in house, who was taking photos to document this magic night.  Until those photos appear on his site, there are these few gems: 
The notes I sang and the rhythm I kept were not perfect, but there was joy in some imperfection. Last night wasn't about perfection but rather about the joy of playing music together. And it WAS perfect.