Strange Retail Therapy.

Last week was one of the most trying in my personal history. I took a trip back home to Wisconsin due to the passing of my Grandmother Rosie and am still dealing with sadness from her passing. The sadness comes in waves and I brace myself for the waves and find ways of feeling better and preserving her memory even in the week she has been gone. On my way back to the city from the services, my brother and I stopped in a gas station off of Highway 41. I can't even remember which city it was in, but I found an item I couldn't pass up while I was there.  I have a distinct memory of a pair of wooden shoes in my Grandma Rosie's house. I would wear them even though they were too big for me as I romped around her big ol' house. And, in this gas station last week, were a pair of wooden shoes inspired slippers.
Made in China. Yellow, with tulips.

Were these authentic Dutch apparel? No way. 
Were they obnoxious? Yes, very. 
Could I leave them at the gas station and pass up on the chance to own them? No way in hell.
I wear these slippers as I type this and embrace the tackiness and the odd comfort I feel in them. They remind me of her, in an odd "made in China" sort of way and that is retail therapy going beyond point of purchase into ongoing comfort from ridiculous impulse. 

Wooden shoes slippers? Why, yes. I think I will.