Encounters of the Packer kind: 1985.

I brought my camera to the most recent matinee of 1985. I must have sensed something magical was going to happen for this particular performance. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I am a Packer fan among Bears fans here in Chicago and here in this show.  
Action was happening onstage, but the real star was in the audience during the matinee. Sitting front row was a gentleman in full Packer attire (a Reggie White jersey even!) who created a tension among cast members, pre-show. How would he like it? Would he laugh? What were his intentions? 
All tension went away, however, when this kind sir made his delight apparent with many chuckles throughout the performance.  I was pleased as punch to have an ally in the seats! 
When the show was over, I took my bows and ran over to where the Packer fan was sitting. I shook his hand and said to him, 
"Sir, from one fan to another...I just want to say that you made me very proud today."
And then he grabbed me and gave me one of the nicest hugs of my life. He clearly had a good time. And knowing that felt great. 
I ran offstage, glowing, with pride for the show and for my fellow football fan.