Fall is here. How can you tell?

I know how I can tell it's fall. 

I want to walk around more, instead of bike. I want to breathe in the clean, crisp air and make soup and stay at home and listen to jazz, watch football and savor the moments as they come. I start to slow down, preparing for the cold that is to come.
I have been preparing for the play I will be in, opening October 5th...so the photos I've taken have been much too infrequent lately. 
I did, however, stop to take some photos as I realized and reveled in the fact that it's fall again.  Making Packer cupcakes on the cusp of a big Monday night match-up, drinking pumpkin beer, and making tortellini soup. 
Hello, fall. I've missed you. I am so very fond of you.

How can you tell it's fall?