Pitchfork: Day 3. Scary Lightning Bolt! Cass McCombs phones it in. Pavement rules.

Day 3 of Pitchfork was the most intense, jam-packed, sensory-overload experience and days of them all. We hustled on our bikes through rain (a downpour even) to see Cass McCombs who, by all judgements, may as well have spit on the audience he was so not actually invested in what he was doing. Then we saw BeachHouse, feared Lightning Bolt (!!!!), marveled at Major Lazer and Big Boi (amazing! I never thought I would get to see "Rosa Parks" LIVE!), swooned over Pavement and called it a day...and a weekend.
There were bikes, there was plenty of sun, friends, beer, lemonades, new records bought, new posters that are ready to be custom framed and adored and just a heck of a weekend.