Pitchfork: Day 1. The Day of Robyn.

Friday started the 3-day Pitchfork Music Festival and, for me, was the day of days to see Robyn.  This little lady (we had bets on how tall she'd actually be) is from Sweden and had a mainstream hit years back. Since those hits, she has ditched the record label and done things her own way. She was fun, fierce and I wished I had more room to dance dance dance. 
Kim, Tony, Ian and I had a great time...but, let me just say, I'm hoping that when I go back today (Saturday), that I can relax a bit more into the scene. I hope that I can just smile when I see headdresses, super short skirts, ray bans and novelty t-shirts.*
There was Heineken, there were friends, there was a smokin' hot Swedish pop star and there was happiness.
*It should be noted that I love good style. I love when individuals dress as an expression of who they are.  What I don't dig is people who dress up in things they see in an urban outfitters catalog just because...well, just because. The style is not grounded in an sort of actual influence beyond corporate retail influence. I'm not saying you need to think about Roy Orbison every time you put on your ray bans, but....well, gee...I guess maybe I am saying that. Ultimately,who am I to say what people can wear, of course...
but ultimately, I just throw up a little in my mouth when I see oodles of women wearing shirts as dresses and wearing bandannas as shirts. That's all.