A Monday to Remember: Tony's Birthday.

First of all, let me just say that one way you can tell you probably date someone from Wisconsin is that she feels summer sausage is appropriate birthday gift decor. It was like a bow...that you could eat! It was totally appropriate.

Monday was Tony's birthday. I have a good feeling about this year for Mr. Tony. 
The birthday celebration was lovely and involved good friends, bicycles, oysters, seafoodzzz and martinis. I only used my point-and-shoot camera because I wanted to be present in the moment and not worrying about getting highly professional shots (the constant inner-conflict for most photographer-types, I think).
There was lots of laughing, lots of good food, and I can honestly say that this past Monday was truly one of my favorite Mondays to date.

And I'm glad I didn't bring my fancy camera. I was truly able to live in the each and every I'm-so-happy-to-know-birthday-boy-Tony-and-EVERYONE-here moments.