Arizony (with Tony).

The southwest. 
Cacti, Heat, and weird legislation.  
I recently spent a week in Arizona--going to Phoenix, Tortilla Flat (by way of the incredible Apache Trail), The Grand Canyon, Tempe, and a few other golden spots.
The southwests' landscapes are incredible. Driving through the mountains was overwhelming for a Midwesterner who is used to her driver's view to simply be the highway ahead and some surrounding trees (at sea level or there abouts).  
Here are some choice photos from our adventures. 
I won't write about the bike rental theft that occurred during the trip, or the strange people I saw who carried guns into the grocery store (how strange!), or how oppressive the heat was (I did know what I was getting into)...
because there were lovely moments aplenty. 
A cute chipmunk nibbling on some watermelon by the pool, a rental car that was the bee's knees, a sweet place to stay that was nestled on a mountain preserve, a chance to get away from a sometimes frantic city life, and views that made my heart go pitter-pat for the amazing diversity of the American landscape.
A week in Arizony. With Tony.