Neighborhood Sessions: Buena Park with Layne.

"Look Mom! That dog looks like a cloud!" This photo series was taken outside of a favorite neighborhood favorite, Dollup, as a dog waits around and gets some attention.
The neighborhood of Buena Park has some beautiful yards with some extraordinary gardens and flowers.
Local Liquor Store.
Two very young lovebirds find a special place for canoodling in the park's soccer goal.
Up close scenes of places around the 'hood including a photo of a helicopter that disturbed the neighborhood in the early hours of a Saturday.  And also...some evidence that my shoes perfectly match the fire hydrant. Score!
Though the neighborhood of Buena Park is inviting, it sure does have it's share of NO TRESPASSING signs.
And lastly, some shots of Layne who was lovely enough to accompany me on this walk through Buena Park, a lovely little part of Uptown.

I LOVE MY NEIGHBORHOOD. These photos are only a snippet of the reasons why. A special shout out to Layne for becoming one of the newest members of the Buena Park neighborhood.