My How You've Grown!

This is Penny. 
She is a handful of joy/anger/spunk/sass. These two photos were taken approximately a year apart. Until I am able to take family photos this year for the whole family, I present this Penny series--a mini-series if you will. Penny's parents Jason and Lena are the bee's knees.  These two photos of Miss Penny were taken with my Fujifilm model camera and now that I have the wherewithal to take some really jazzy shots, I think it's about time we add a third photo to this series called "My! How You've Grown!" In the meanwhile, let's just enjoy this first shot of Penny taken in 2008 and the second shot taken in 2009. the way...that's a pretzel in her mouth, if you were wondering. 
I told you she has spunk and sass.