My brother stopped by Chicago on his way back from seeing a pal in Washington DC. Jokingly, I told him that if we went far enough south (closer to Hyde Park) that we would get a high five from none other than Mr. Barack Obama, who is from the Hyde Park area. Well, we biked pretty darn far south (31st street beach in fact), and we found ourselves stuck down there a while while none other than the President made his way back to Marine 1 which was parked at McCormick Place.  Bryan and I were hot and tired after about an hour of riding and were heading back, about 10 miles from my place in Uptown. I snuck onto a grassy part of the area we were and just click, click, clicked my way through the experience.  These two photos of Bryan sandwich a series of shots I took of the motorcade as it passed. 
It may not have been a high five from the President, but it was remarkable and surreal, nonetheless. What a memorable memorial day, indeed.
(also, hint: if you click on the "film strip" you can see the shots a bit closer)