Lemonade from Lemons: My Saturday at the Christopher House with Groupon

This last Saturday I was to have a photo gig that I was positively stoked about. It was to be an awesome 2 year old's birthday party near my house, on the Lake.  I had been looking forward to the occasion for a while, and even had rearranged my plan to go back home to Wisconsin so that I could take the gig. And then...it happened. THE BIRTHDAY BOY GOT SICK. Two days before the day that was supposed to be the party, the family had to cancel because the birthday boy was contagious and ill. 
The evening I found out the news, I also happen to have a date to meet up with my pal, Libby, who is a recruiter at Groupon. We ate Thai food and drank wine and she talked about a volunteer effort she and her co-workers were set up to participate in that Saturday at Christopher House: a dance-a-thon to benefit the community center.
Any sort of dance party? You can always count me in. 
A dance party for kids ages 1-15 on the same day I was to take photos? DOUBLE COUNT ME IN. 

I didn't know what to expect when I walked into Christopher House but let me just tell you that the party included face painting, storytelling, portrait sketching, african dancing, prizes, oodles of cute kiddos, and a whole lot of fun. 
I truly believe that everything turned out the best possible way it could. I was able to witness a terrific event with kids from all backgrounds at a terrific organization and got some photos that still make my heart swell with gratitude for the opportunity to be part of such a great day.
Kudos to Groupon for being such a great company and double kudos to Groupon for taking the time to truly give back to the community around them while also looking REALLY GOOD with bold outfits and bold, fearless, positive attitudes. 

And lastly, the most kudos in the world to the kids of the Christopher House...who couldn't be cuter if they tried.
A toast: to things turning out exactly the way they should.