Take Me Out to A Ballgame! And Bring a Poncho!

First White Sox Game of the season! Rain! Concessions! White Sox!
I took my point-and-shoot camera and took some moments to document the experience, despite a very rainy weather situation:
*I love this image of Tony escorting his Grandmother from the park to the car. Grandma Karbowski is a HUGE sox fan and her vim and vigor related to all things white sox is one of my favorite things, ever.

I never understood the appeal of baseball until about 3 years ago, after moving to Chicago. I now appreciate the pastoral nature of the game and, quite simply, the opportunities the game gives to eat encased meats, drink beer and root for a team (and it even allows for special time spent with grandmas).

And...no matter how many times I see the opening montage at the ballpark, I still think it's some of the best theatrical presentation out there. The music, the images, the spectacle of it all.
The montage is a series of snapshots brought to live with dramatic music, old photos, new photos....I never quite thought I would find baseball so appealing, but I'm so glad I do.