Do Good: Through play. Through photograph.

I took photos at The Plagiarists' most recent salon. Oracle Theater presented their play The Hairpin Turn and, as a photographer, I was delighted by the harsh, dramatic lighting that the film noir genre brings wherever it goes.  As a human being, I was delighted by the very concept of the show.  Oracle has a current show running, The Ghost Sonata, but presented this film noir short they currently do around the community in nursing homes.  This show was fresh and had a lot of fun with the genre it lived in--and can only imagine the sort of joy it brings to each audience it plays.

To see this small non-equity theatre company dedicate some effort toward senior home outreach was lovely. In non-equity theater, there are always some sort of resource issues. Since very few people are making their living at the art they are making (at least for now), the most valuable resource of TIME never seems to be too abundant. This sort of community outreach really is very inspiring and the quality of the presentation was absolutely wonderful and only made the concept of the work even more inspiring.

...Just as I was reveling in the delight of this sort of outreach work in the theatre community, I was reminded of potential photographic outreach by visiting this site today:
Here is the organization's mission:

I had heard stories of "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep" on NPR at one point but, with so many balls in the air, quickly forgot about it.  As I continue to work my way toward taking photos more and more, I also work toward being able to give my gift of photography to more than just arts organizations but continue to work toward being able to give the gift of photography to those who need it as a coping mechanism and as truly an archive that is treasured long after the subject is gone.

I read the stories of the parents today and I wept.
As I continue to grow through my photography, I keep piecing together my knowledge, my shoots, my plan and I can get overwhelmed. But then I think about the good work there is yet to be done and I look to the future and I am inspired to keep putting the pieces together.

And so I end this entry with a toast. To good work, to doing good:  through any and many artforms...and to all the gifts waiting to be given.