Building it up to Tear it Down Again.

I came across these photos from the building of the set of The Wreck of the Medusa. My theatre company, The Plagiarists, produced this show that ran from April 8th and will close tomorrow. We worked very hard to make this show happen but, as with all things stage theatrics, the show will come to an end and only photos will remain as proof it ever happened. Tomorrow I'll be snapping some production photos so we have some sort of proof of this 6 week experience. Over a year in the making, it's always a bittersweet feeling when one looks back at how much went into something that seems to be so fleeting, so short. Tomorrow after the final performance, I will use my camera to document what the show is/was before we tear it all down and the theatre is back to a blank stage, a black space. In the meantime, I look back at some snapshots I took while the performances were still hypothetical and we were putting it all together.
James. (founding member and actor in the show. We see, in this photo, that he is installing some shelves with his usual graces...)
Paul. (served as technical director)
Kaitlin. (founding member of the company)
Greg. (founding member of the company and writer for this project)