With a Swing and a Smile

swing smile, originally uploaded by LRose17.

This weekend have a date with the Chupp family. We're going to be taking photos of Brady and Noah along with their parents, Molly and Jeremy.

This photo shows Brady, the oldest Chupp boy. I took this photo with my phone when we went out swinging and playing at the park nearby his house (which is also near MY house as luck would have it!)
We're going to be heading to the Garfield Conservatory since the forecast calls for rain on Sunday. We're going to look at flowers and take some photos and have some fun.

Look at this photo of Brady. His face captures whimsy and delight so specific to swinging.
This Sunday I'll be armed with a camera (much bigger and smarter than my phone-camera). I'm hoping I can capture some photos that have this same sort of vivid feeling.

In the meantime, I look at this photo and get excited for the time Brady (and his family) and I will spend together on Sunday.