Living Alone Rules

Listening to Passion Pit full blast. cleaning here there and everywhere. Taking a bath. Debussy time then. More cleaning, some cooking. No talking, just being and listening. After a long day of endless stimuli and endless tasks that demand attention there is no demanding now.

Living Alone Rules.

In sincerity, I was so enjoying hanging out with myself tonight and as I cleaned that it made me think back to once upon a time...
There was a time when the idea of being alone scared me. There was a time when I thought that it wasn't logical to live alone.
What if I choked on a lean cuisine? What if I slipped in my bathtub? Isn't it too expensive? It makes me sound crazy, but there was a time when being alone with my own thoughts was frightening.

I had heard that every woman should live alone for a moment in time in her adult life. I used to think this was sort of a ridiculous theory. I don't anymore. I had a moment with my thoughts and we're pals now. I love hanging out with them.