Beef Curry at Viet Bistro on Devon near Broadway.

Last night I had the most amazing meal at Viet Bistro. This place is up in Edgewater, almost in Rogers Park land and my friend Ryan and I were the only people in the place.

Maybe it was because I loved my company so much (Ryan is one of my favorites) or maybe it was because I had allowed myself to get just hungry enough to eat slowly and enjoy every bite, or maybe it was just because it was so unexpected...but it was in my top 5 meals of my life.

The mixologist (Rahem) was our tour guide through our meal which consisted of 3 apps and a shared entree.

Lemongrass martini with fresh cracked pepper on top? Get out of town.

Guava Martini with sweet pulp inside the martini glass? Go jump in the lake!

A chocolate martini shot that had an orange zest in it? Amen.

What a magical, delicious evening.