Super Sunday!

Football season will be over after tonight. I will hang out while chili is made for the eating and eventually I will watch what is being called the greatest quarterback match-up in Super Bowl history. And I will love it. I have opted to hang in and lie low and take in the final game of the season. This is a time of introspection and guts. A time of chili and beer. A time to say good-bye. I am holding out hope that Aaron Rodgers will be joining The Who for their half-time show--perhaps doing some pretty serious shredding on an electric guitar. This will all happen while looking really good, of course.

I have friends who hate football. I used to say I hated it, but the fact is that I was always indifferent to it. I never really thought about what an inherent part of my upbringing it was and never really cared to think about it. Something happened though.

Now I watch football for the sense of community it conjurs. As someone who is drawn to public performance, this game today is the biggest spectacle of them all. It is different from baseball in that the championship game is ONE game. This is one day where commentating starts at 8am and goes until midnight when the game concludes. There are lights, there is a sound design, there is dancing (the delicate ballet of football) and there is drama.

Sunday Sunday Sunday!
And the reason for the initial photo on this post?
Well, the only way this whole super bowl arrangement could be improved would be to up the ante by making the game revolve around a super football that would have multi-colored lights coming out of it. Duh.