blanket buddy.

blanket buddy.
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Pinche Baby went home to Edison Park today.

It's not like I won't see him anymore. I'll see him when I visit the Rossetti residence. That being said, I must say that having a cat around was great. I never understood pets because, well, i never had one. Even as a kid, though my mom loved dogs, my dad wasn't that into them. The Verstegen children had to rely on each other for entertainment and even now if there is a security question someplace that asks me what the name of my 1st pet was, my answer is usually BRYAN (my brother).

But walking home and into a place where some little guy was waiting for me and didn't demand conversation but rather just demanded petting attention...well, that was nice.

Petting a cat is now going to be on my list of "things that bring zen" for future reference. I always thought that biking, doing yoga, baking and holding babies were the only things on that list. Now I think I'll add petting a kitty cat to that list.

Well...not just ANY kitty cat....
namely, Mr. Pinche Baby.