Baking and Booze: Fall Adventures to date.

It's my favorite thing. Ever.
A recipe (to play with), some booze, some radio, and a night to myself. I'll admit, I made the apple pie less to eat it and more to smell it all night after it baked in my oven. I also bought some new whiskey made by Jim Beam. Red Stag is tasty. I'd totally get it again. I was really intriged, in fact, and looked at the website (even before taking a sip)...I continued to be enamored until...THIS!

Oh god. Oh god, no. It's KID ROCK.
I pushed that knowledge to the back of my mindgrapes and enjoyed a night of sipping whiskey and baking up a fall storm.

The Apple Pie adventure came a week after I made some dynamite corn chowder. I also finally managed to use my mom's bread machine. Butter-topped bread, fresh ingredients from Edgewater produce, a cool evening and a delicious way to spend a night.

I believe in the power of photographic evidence. As a woman who possesses an inconsistent memory, I find a camera not only acts a creative release but also as a necessity when my overworked mind flakes out.

Fall. A good time for Baking. With booze.