Grace, growing up.

There was a time a couple of years ago, when I took photos of Grace and her family. Grace was but 2 mos. old at the time and she looked like this. She was quiet and loved being wrapped in her guitar swaddle and of course loved strolls in the stroller around her 'hood.

Two years later, I came back to see Grace and her family. She has a brother now, Landon, and she's less than quiet, wears hip clothes like her Yellow Submarine shirt and when she strolls she strolls on her own two feet! She is wonderful and confident and cute to boot.  Her brother Landon is now in the quiet, swaddle, strolling phase and that suits her fine. While we were together she went on the monkey bars, solo, for the first time and her expression was priceless. What freedom! What big-girl-ness! What fun.