Holidaze meets Birthdaze: Sofia!

It's been almost a year since Sofia first came into the world. We got together to snap some pics of her in two modes: HOLIDAY MODE + BIRTHDAY MODE. Holiday mode meant a tiny santa hat and birthday mode meant a tiny tiara. All was right in the world. 

There was also a snowman cupcake that was DE.MOL.ISHED. by the time Sofia was through. 

Her cheeks are squeeze-worthy. It took everything in me to stay behind the camera and not just turn into that annoying adult who just squeezes and squeezes those beautiful cheeks. 

Tiny hats and cake! Don't you just want to squeeze her?

fdkls;afjdls;afjdls;aft dl;afjoepqwnfdlv;svoda[jfio;wakmclkdsno;ands !!!

(that's how much I wanted to stop taking photos and just squeeze her)