SoWI: a new name for an all time favorite

It's a long story, but my friends and I had schemed (back last summer) about going to Florida in March of this year. Well, life had other plans for us and we ended up picking a close-to-home option instead. We settled in on what I have now named "SoWI."

SoWI = Southern. Wisconsin.

Wisconsin tourism industry, you're welcome for that hip new spin on an old time favorite!

Some time in Sheboygan at a lovely little B&B that used to be a chicken hatchery. Time in Plain, WI in the cutest little cabin ever. The only downside? It was pretty flippin' cold so we were wearing 4 layers of clothing at all times. The cold made for many layers but did not stop us from gathering around a campfire inside the rolling hills of the neighborhood. 

Let's be honest. I would have taken far more photos if the wind chill wasn't so ruthless. But I did snap photos: from phenomenal homemade breakfasts, crazy House on the Rock originals, freezing fires, and peeks through a window. 


SoWI. Thank you. For the walks, the fires, the sweets, the creepy mannequins, the adventures in snow driving and peaceful feeling that comes with escape.