A night at Schubas with Eve's Twin Lover

My favorite part of photography is capturing moments of those I love doing what they love to do. I mean, really. I think maybe one of my proudest moments in my life was when I first got to see someone I knew up on stage. It might have been my brother in a battle of the bands at the time. I will never forget that feeling of immense pride and admiration. That moment happened well over 15 years ago at this point, and I've been lucky to have many, many oodles of moments watching people I love doing amazing things on the stage of a theatre, a music venue and even in less standard spaces. 

Eve's Twin Lover had  a CD release party at Schubas this past week and I went to snap pics for my pal Tim. I snapped photos (click click click) and between frames thought about years ago when he first started. I thought about the challenges that came with assembling a band, the time he poured into recording and writing. The time he spent breaking through the mold of what it means to be an artist. Tim makes it work. And to watch the performance and capture some of the feeling that night was a great time. It feels great to capture a milestone. Click click click - capturing images that at once would pair with memories of the work of years past, how this all came to be.

My pal Emily also sings with Tim. As a note, I connected Tim and Emily years back when this whole thing began. And I watched them play and thought "man, this is the best recruiting I've maybe ever done."

Click click click.

High fives all around, everyone. This ruled.