Valko-hhhh no you didn't with those creme brulee cupcakes.

My pals Jen & Rich got married. Jen has exquisite taste. That taste extends to the following: her life partner choices, the way she dolls up her little girl, Sofia, her choice in wedding decor and mostly her choice in desserts. It's hard to say that there was any one part of the wedding that was more wow-worthy than the others but with a band that electrified, a love story that reverberated across the entire wedding day, friends and family who were all in "hell yeah we're happy to be here" mode and creme brulee cupcakes -- it was a kick ass party from start to finish. 


SEE?! exquisite. taste.

City Winery was the venue where the action went down. Here are some of my fave shots. 

Hoffmans +1.

Last time I hung out with the Hoffmans there were only 2 Hoffman boys, Emmitt and Myles. Laura and I joked that we could have just taken her old shots from 3 years ago and just, you know, like stretch the kids out and stuff and photoshop Harley in! Technology! Magic!

Instead of that, we got together to snap the family in all their love and glory. 

Emmitt started my visit off as a shy kind of fella and by the end he was asking if we could have a sleepover and asked if I could, like, mail him some stuffed animals maybe. I'm thinking that prospect over. And, in the meantime, sent him a note to start what I hope to be a pen pal situation. 

A couple of things of note: Emmitt tried really hard to get in nearly every shot no matter what any of us told him. Myles exclaimed "Look at me! I'm handsome!" and, of course, he was. And baby Harley just smile, smile, smiled. 

Bottomline: Between the three boys and their loving folks, I had a blast. The sky may have been overcast, but that didn't bring us down. 

McCombs: Garfield Conservatory and the shots in between.

When one takes family photos one tries to think of all the obvious challenges -- "who will go in front?" and "how do I pose this family without making it look cheesy?!"

One forgets that in most cases the best shots are snaps that come between the over-thought intention and happen while one is not supposed to be looking.  

Thank God the "in-between" continued to be rich as I shot photos of the McCombs.

See example:

Sure, we took more traditional shots too - ones that were, yes, adorable but maybe didn't involve as much open-mouth laughing and obvious skepticism. We'd planned to hang out by the lake but rain that morning meant that we headed to Garfield Conservatory. None of the McCombs had been to the Conservatory so that meant that in addition to photos there would be exploration of plants and the breathing of air so fresh you'd swear you weren't in Chicago. 

Rain can be good.

It makes one go to places she's never been before. And also - let us not forget that place isn't as important as people

And these people are terrific.